Dating dearmond guitar

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Harry De Armond (January 28, 1906 – October 12, 1999) invented the first commercially available attachable guitar pickup in the mid-1930s.He established a working relationship with Horace 'Bud' Rowe's company, Rowe Industries, to manufacture and develop these items.In ’39, he launched what was likely the first production guitar pickup attachable to any acoustic guitar.His pickups became standard fitted features on instruments made by Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Harmony, Epiphone, and many more.It has an integral chrome bezel, six individually adjustable slotted pole-pieces and four slots with a gold infill. Different pickup heights for archtop guitars were achieved by the use of timber bases of different heights, flat on top, to match the pickup base and concave on the bottom, to match the guitar.Would like to buy an archtop with a Dearmond 1100 (or 1000). I wasn't blown away with the guitar itself but I was really checking out the pickup. I have been thinking about putting one on my Loar LH300.Tremolo, in electronics, is the variation in amplitude of sound achieved through electronic means, sometimes mistakenly called vibrato, and producing a sound somewhat reminiscent of flanging, referred to as an "underwater effect".

Earliest references to De Armond's tremolo unit date to 1941.

Is supposed to sound very much like the original and much, much cheaper than an original or the Swingmaster.

Just get one and put it on your guitar using the existing electronics.

But, the stick and the control knob sticking out kind of drive me nuts. Now that I have tried one, I am going ahead with it. unfortunately they have the best price (and the only 360 looper in stock) but I will still probably not buy it there..I digress. I was at Archambault Berri yesterday and they had nothing left.

I don't know if that helps, but, I think it gives a great jazz tone. I get that you dont want a reissue but for the pickup it is better to try it out than buy something sight unseen (unheard) Guild is marketing a replica De Armond 1100 for a very nice price.

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